Located in Columbia County, NY in the Hudson Valley, just outside the village of Philmont, our farm is in it’s tenth season of production farming for our growing community.

We believe that food is medicine, and one’s primary form of healthcare. We believe that fresh, nutrient-rich food should be available to all, as well as the ability to create and share beautiful meals.

sunrise on the farm

cropped-img_8734resize.jpgCommon Hands Farm, just outside of Hudson, NY, is dedicated to providing fresh, unique and high quality produce to a wide customer base.  It is our goal to bring biodynamic agriculture into the future, through our educational apprenticeships.  Our CSA members choose what they want weekly, based on the 100+ varieties of vegetables and herbs we grow.  We supply to local farmers’ markets as well as restaurants who place value on buying local, organically grown and fresh ingredients. 

Farming requires a wide variety of skill and depth of knowledge and it empowers every individual who takes up the work in a serious way.

Through farm work we find a deeper connection to our bodies, and our health. It is very easy to see when you are working a long day out in the field which foods actually provide energy, and which foods simply don’t. Our work also enables us to observe the amazing diversity of plants to eat, and the amazing creativity that comes from working and cooking with each one.

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