The Farm

We believe that food is medicine, and one’s primary form of healthcare. We believe that fresh, nutrient-rich food should be available to all, as well as the ability to create and share beautiful meals,  and to create nourishing spaces together.

cropped-img_8734resize.jpgCommon Hands Farm, just outside of Hudson, NY, is dedicated to providing fresh, unique and high quality produce to a wide customer base both locally and in New York City.

iphone May to October 111In 2014, we will cultivate  about 8 acres of organic vegetables, incorporating principles of permaculture and Biodynamics.  We provide for an 150 member  CSA locally and in Brooklyn. We also supply to local farmer’s markets as well as to local restaurants who place value on buying local, organic and fresh. We grow a full array of produce, 100+ varieties of veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers, having fun each winter, choosing what we will grow.

Spring 2012 068

In 2014, we will also continue to have a farm-stand open on the property where you can pick up  your CSA share or shop as a customer. Farm stand to be open Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and other times TBA. Check our facebook page for more updates on where you can purchase our goods!  You can find us at 370 Rt 23B in Claverack, just after Spook Rock Road heading out of Hudson.  

Through our work we pay attention to the farm as a whole, the ecology of our surroundings.

AUGUST 2012 026

The root of ecology means the study of the home, and we work with that in mind– to tend to the farm as our home, and all contributing life with that level of sacredness and care. We hire a team of apprentices who help to carry the daily tasks of the farm. We also work with volunteers throughout the season. On Sunday evenings we host a wood-fired pizza night where we make the best veggie pizzas in town, connect to our community and relax around a fire.


Farming requires a wide variety of skill and depth of knowledge and it empowers every individual who takes up the work in a serious way.

iphone May to October 420Through farm work we find a deeper connection to our bodies, and our health. It is very easy to see when you are working a long day out in the field which foods actually provide energy, and which foods simply don’t. Our work also enables us to observe the amazing diversity of plants to eat, and the amazing creativity that comes from working and cooking with each one.

Visit the rest of our website for more information on how to buy a share! We deliver to Brooklyn as well as locally to  Hudson, Philmont, Chatham and Del Mar and of course, at the farm in Claverack. You can learn more about us as a member of the farm, and above all, experience for yourself the beautiful produce we have that has our customers raving.


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