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Through farm work we find a deeper connection to our bodies, and our health. It is very easy to see when you are working a long day out in the field which foods actually provide energy, and which foods simply don’t. Our work also enables us to observe the amazing diversity of plants to eat, and the amazing creativity that comes from working and cooking with each one. We believe that food is medicine, and one’s primary form of healthcare. We believe that fresh, nutrient-rich food should be available to all, as well as the ability to create and share beautiful meals.



Dan has lived much of his life in and around biodynamic communities, first during his early years in South Australia, and then as a teen in New York, working on and apprenticing under numerous farms. After desiring a more direct connection to what nourishes himself and others,  Dan began to realize that there is no art more beautiful or important right now than growing food. Dan studied Regenerative Community Design at Goddard College in VT, a focus that also lead him to manage a community garden project in low-income areas of Detroit.

After working and managing his own masonry business for ten years, he has desired to put these skills to a more creative use, and has traveled with mentor and teacher Johannes Matthiessen building social sculptures all over the world. He has also studied tracking and primitive skills in VT and holds a certificate in Permaculture Design. Through his studies in associative economics, social-threefolding and peer-lead learning models, Dan’s passion for working and learning with others continues to grow. There is so much beauty and possibility in merging organic farming with the health of our local communities, and Dan feels blessed to be part of this movement.


Keri has been farming for 5 years, after working in the food industry since she was a teenager.  Having grown up in the Hudson Valley, she is passionate about changing the food systems in this area, and bringing access to healthy food into our community, while helping others connect with nature.   She has a degree in both Spanish and journalism, and manages many of the business-related aspects of the farm.  



Raleigh was our black lab of 11 years but she passed away in the spring of 2020.  We are leaving Raleigh on the site, because her spirit is still everywhere on the farm! She had been farming since she was a young pup and has a fondness for all vegetables, particularly radishes, cabbage and green beans. But she’ll take anything you want to give her. She could be found rooting around for mice in the garden, patrolling the deer population, chasing the farm truck with her pink tongue hanging out, and generally providing moral support on the long hot days thinning carrots.  We miss you, Raleigh.

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