CSA Curbside Preferences

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Dear CSA member, 

This part of our online store is strictly for Common Hands CSA members. We update the weekly crop varieties every Monday.  Please place your order on here by Tuesday at 3pm on the week of your CSA pickup to reserve a curbside order. Your curbside CSA pickup is at our farm on Thursdays from 9-11.  We do not give members time slots, and instead ask that you arrive between 9-11.  We cannot guarantee anyone will be there to assist you after 11am.

Please add all the items you are hoping for this week in your cart and then click check out in the top right corner.  Your total will be $0 so you don’t pay anything, but still check out. It’s just for us to track inventory and have all the orders compiled together.  If you do not check out, we will not get your order.

We do our best to give you the items you request, but just as our farmers market CSA pick-ups, part of it is left to chance based on what we bring in during the harvest, and what we have available the day of your pick-up.  We ask that members are understanding of the nature of farming if they receive an item they did not ask for or do not receive something they hoped for.  We will do our best!

Thank you for being part of our community- and email me at commonhandsfarm@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.