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We are currently accepting new members for our Fall 2020 CSA which begins August 1st and goes through November 1st.  Three months of organic, local veggies & herbs.  6 veggie items weekly with flexibility so you can choose your own items at the following locations:

Philmont Coop on Fridays from 4-6, Curbside pickup pre-order at the farm on Thursdays from 9-11, Germantown Farmers Market at Palatine Park on Saturdays from 10-1, Copake-Hillsdale Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9-1, Hudson Wednesday Market in the 7th Street Park from 4-7, and the Schenectady Greenmarket on Sundays from 10-2.  


Please fill out the form.  If you choose to pay with paypal, the button is right below the form.  If you prefer venmo, you can pay @commonhandsfarm and the last 4 digits of the phone number is “4664” if they ask.  Thank you!


Fall 2020 CSA

6 items from our farm weekly, $300 for 3 months organic, local produce. Choose your own share each week.




  • You choose the items you want from our weekly harvest
  • We grow over 150 crop varieties throughout the season that you can enjoy
  • Pick up at one of five different locations in Columbia County every week
  • Switch locations from week to week if needed
  • If you miss a week, take more next time
  • We have a sliding scale to support local food access (see below)


  • Our soils are 100% organic and we use biodynamic growing methods,
  • Our wide variety of vegetables give you a nutrient-rich diet that supports healing
  • Many local chefs and stores buy our produce because it is delicious
  • You can taste the difference in fresh, organic food
  • Support a small, local business

Our 5 weekly pickup locations:

Hudson on Wednesday nights, Hillsdale on Saturday mornings, Philmont on Fridays, and Germantown on Saturdays.  We are also attending the Schenectady Greenmarket this year.

The Sliding Scale: 

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, please enjoy a $35 discount for the CSA as we all try to save money and get through this pandemic.  Please read below for more information about how the coronavirus affects our farm and the CSA.

Small Share– 5 items weekly    –$410-$475  REDUCED PRICE $375

Medium Share– 8 items weekly     –$590-$675  REDUCED PRICE $555

Large Share– 10 items weekly      –$690-$800 REDUCED PRICE  $655

Payment Options:

Pay via PaPal below (preferred)

Or mail us a check to:

Common Hands Farm

257 Stevers Crossing Road

Hudson NY 12534

Please be sure to fill out the sign up form below!

Installment Payments:

We allow installment payments; just fill out the form below and check off installment payments.  We will email you to set up a schedule.  Just pay what you can today to (paypal) or @Keri-Sue (venmo).  We will figure out the schedule later!

*SIGN UP HERE* and Pay Below via PayPal

Fill out the form above and pay below via PayPal

Small Share (5 items weekly) REDUCED PRICE $375

5 delicious organic vegetable items weekly, from our healthy soils (22 weeks of our organic CSA in 2020)


Small Share- Medium Sliding Scale Price

8 items weekly, from our healthy biodynamic soils for 22 weeks


Small Share- Highest Sliding Scale Price

5 items weekly, organic vegetables from our healthy soils for 22 weeks in 2020


Medium Share- 8 items weekly REDUCED PRICE $555

8 delicious organic vegetable items weekly from our healthy soils (22 weeks of our CSA in 2020)


Medium Share- medium sliding scale price

8 items weekly for 22 weeks, eat organic food from our farm (biodynamic)


Medium Share- Highest sliding scale amount

22 weeks of our organic veggie CSA- get 8 items weekly


Large Share- 10 items weekly- REDUCED PRICE $655

10 items weekly for 22 weeks, our largest CSA option to enjoy the diversity of our biodynamic soil


Large Share- medium sliding scale amount

22 weeks of our organic veggie CSA 10 items weekly


Large Share- Highest Sliding Scale Amount

our largest CSA option (10 items weekly), organic veggies from our farm The highest sliding scale amount. Thank you for allowing us to provide food access.


Thank you for supporting local agriculture.  We look forward to sharing the season with you.


As most people in our area plan to hunker down as the coronavirus moves through the USA, we are preparing ourselves for what that could mean.  It is hard to say with the minimal information available about a novel virus.  We hope that everyone is feeling well, able to eat well, and most of all finding PEACE during a time that can feel very nerve-wracking and unpredictable.  We are all doing the best we can to stay healthy, so let’s be there for each other as much as we can be.  We want our members to rest assured that our farm is here no matter what- no matter the situation in the grocery store, no matter whether restaurants are closed or not, no matter if you don’t want to go out or are told not to, you can guarantee you will eat healthy, nutritious food with your family.
It’s so hard to tell how things will be going when the CSA starts the first week of June – but if it makes sense at the time due to quarantine or illness, we will offer a sterile CSA drop-off service to your home, for an additional delivery fee.
Please take advantage of our current discounted offer for the CSA.  In light of current events, sign up with a $35 discount, and join us this year as we come together and eat well, support local business, and take our food into our own hands no matter the circumstance.
Thank you for your support, everyone, we are always here if you need more info!

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