Recipes for this week’s share

this week we have… Red Rain (A Mizuna type of Mustard, to cook like Bok Choy) Red Cross Head Lettuce Shungiku (to add a little flavor to salad) Japanese Turnips Pick One: Watermelon Radish, Black Spanish Radish or Daikon Radish Swiss Chard Parsley Swiss Chard with Balsamic, Maple Syrup and Fresh Ginger  1½ teaspoons mapleContinue reading “Recipes for this week’s share”

Recipes for this week’s share!

Here are some recipes pulled together by our lovely Brooklyn CSA Co-Coordinator SARAH to help you get creative with your veggies! This week’s share: one bunch D’Avignon (French Breakfast) Radishes one bunch Broccolini one bag Arugula one bunch Red Kohlrabi one bunch Peppercress (spicy herb with a sweet kick, hard to explain without trying!) oneContinue reading “Recipes for this week’s share!”