Hudson Valley CSA

Common Hands Farm

Hudson Valley CSA


  • You choose the items you want from our weekly harvest
  • We grow over 150 crop varieties throughout the season that you can enjoy
  • Pick up at one of five different locations in Columbia County every week
  • Switch locations from week to week if needed
  • If you miss a week, take more next time
  • We have a sliding scale to support local food access (see below)


  • Our soils are completely organic and we use biodynamic growing methods
  • Our wide variety of vegetables give you a nutrient-rich diet that supports healing
  • Many local chefs and stores buy our produce because it is delicious
  • You can taste the difference in fresh, organic food
  • Support a small, local business
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Our 5 weekly pickup locations:

Hudson on Wednesday nights, Hillsdale on Saturday mornings, Chatham on Fridays, Philmont on Fridays, and Germantown on Saturdays

The Sliding Scale:

Small Share- 5 items weekly   – $410-$475

Medium Share- 8 items weekly     -$590-$675

Large Share- 10 items weekly      -$690-$800

Payment Options:

Pay via PaPal below (preferred)

Or mail us a check to:

Common Hands Farm

257 Stevers Crossing Road

Hudson NY 12534

If you mail a check, be sure to still fill out the form below!

Installment Payments:

We allow installment payments!


SIGN UP HERE and Pay Below via PayPal


Fill out the form above and pay below via PayPal


Small Share- Lowest Sliding Scale Price

5 delicious organic vegetable items weekly, from our healthy soils (22 weeks of our organic CSA in 2020)


Small Share- Medium Sliding Scale Price

8 items weekly, from our healthy biodynamic soils for 22 weeks


Small Share- Highest Sliding Scale Price

5 items weekly, organic vegetables from our healthy soils for 22 weeks in 2020


Medium Share – Lowest Sliding Scale Price

8 delicious organic vegetable items weekly from our healthy soils (22 weeks of our CSA in 2020)


Medium Share- medium sliding scale price

8 items weekly for 22 weeks, eat organic food from our farm (biodynamic)


Medium Share- Highest sliding scale amount

22 weeks of our organic veggie CSA- get 8 items weekly


Large Share- Lowest Sliding Scale Price

10 items weekly for 22 weeks, our largest CSA option to enjoy the diversity of our biodynamic soil


Large Share- medium sliding scale amount

22 weeks of our organic veggie CSA 10 items weekly


Large Share- Highest Sliding Scale Amount

our largest CSA option (10 items weekly), organic veggies from our farm The highest sliding scale amount. Thank you for allowing us to provide food access.