May Day

Spring 2012 042

The months are rolling on and here we are in May – our final shout out, far and wide, it’s time to sign up for your share!

If you’ve been thinking, pondering,  deciding, weighing the options, now is that crucial moment to hit that paypal button, scrawl in that checkbook, and start imagining those summer nights of full, happy bellies.


Nearly 80 people have signed up already and we have enough food for double that many people!  Join our incredible and growing community. Help us reach 150!

If you’re in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Yorktown, Hudson, Chatham, Hillsdale, Philmont, Troy, etc…we have a pick-up location accessible to YOU.

And we have Veggies, Fruits, Eggs and Meat so you can go to the supermarket less and enjoy yourself more. Sign up today!




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