We’ve analyzed the survey and also reflected on our own observations for the CSA offerings in 2012. Here are our thoughts :

Finding the right balance of foods that suits the needs of our member base is always a learning curve, and we promise to honor that learning curve… after-all, in a sense, this farm is as much yours as it is ours.  We often have to overcome our own tendencies and indulgenecs, such as Dan imposing his love of exotic radishes, or Tess imposing her love of weird herbs and edible flowers….But we’ll find the balance!

Part of the challenge is also field based.  Farming a new field in the first year presents challenge after challenge, sometimes leading to failed crops.  It also yields a lot of successful ones, but they aren’t always the favorites.  For example some crops that did not yield enough for us this year but will most likely be more vital next year as we further work fertility into the soil are:  sweet potatoes, eggplants, melons, red peppers, corn, flat leaf parsley, celery, then there are some things that we had this year that we will have more of next year:

Tomatoes:  Sorry that there was a wait on these! We didn’t yield as much we we’d hoped and the early yields were not enough for all members. Our trellis system in the future will be improved, and we will do what it takes to present diseases from weakening the plants’ productivity. Along with fixing this, next year we are planning on growing some awesome heirloom varieties that will blow you away…

Potatoes:  They didnt produce well this year.  We spent hours digging long trenches and putting in the work to hill them by hand throughout the season (shovel and shape more dirt to create a bigger mound that in turn creates a healthier space for the roots to grow in). While our yield was low this year , as soon as people start signing up we are going to buy a new potato digger to make larger quantities easier.  Potatoes will also produce more this season with the enriched soil and biodynamic compost!

Carrots:  We found we could never plant enough.  We doubled and tripled our quantities throughout the season and they went so fast.  People love carrots and it seems you can not over plant these beauties. Next year we will have to double that quantity again, and of course, keep ’em colorful- ruby, purple, yellow, etc…

Kale:  Everyone loves kale, many juice it regularly, its a basic human right, people should always have access to kale. We will work to provide more of this basic vegetable, as much as you desire…

Garlic + Onions:  Our yield of these staple alliums was far too low.  As a result we have quadrupled all onion and garlic production for next year. Garlic is already in the ground, and mulched! While we always had plenty of scallions, our onion crop turned up too small, and some of it rotted in the field before we could grab it up. We’ll work on this next year!

Feel free to leave you comments! Well keep you posted with more ideas on  on what awesome  goods we have in store for next season…

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  1. Kept getting emails about signing up for next session but it doesn’t say how or where to sign up. Can you please get back to me about this. Thanks

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