We… Have.. Grown… FOOD FOR YOU!

Spring, as everyone knows, is a season for love. Its not hard to spot love all around – in the wind and the woods, or on the street and in the subway. Here at Common Hands Farm, we have been pouring our love into our newly-tilled, richly-fertile, four-acre field for many weeks. And as the season progresses, our fields are starting to really bring the love back to us, and soon – to you!

Up here in the upper Hudson valley, we are finding ourselves with many things to be grateful for. The nutrient-rich, easily-tillable soil, the abundant sunshine, and the (recent) rain have conspired to make the beginning of this growing season incredibly abundant. Our natural good fortune is magnified by our tireless hard work and good cheer – the Common Hands Farmers have been working every day planting, weeding, thinning, cultivating, tilling, harvesting, building fences to keep the deer out and building connections to bring the community in. We are working hard, and with joy.

And the good news is, all the energy and love, all the work and joy that we are putting into this farm is being returned to us from the field in the form of DELICIOUS ORGANIC PRODUCE. Its still early in the season, but the field is already bursting with radishes, lettuce, mustard greens, purslane, swiss chard, salad mix, braising mix, peppercress, tatsoi, broccoli rabe, kale (many types), beet greens, japanese turnips, arugula, broccolini, spinach, baby bok choy and baby chard. And this, remember, is just the beginning.

This weekend we will begin selling at Farmer’s Markets in Hudson, Chatham, and Philmont. And on Tuesday, we will have our first CSA drop off at Brooklyn Boulders in Park Slope. Hudson-area residents: come check us out at the farmers markets this weekend, or visit us at the farm! Talk to us, and see what we are all about. And CSA shareholders: we are beyond excited to see you this coming Tuesday. We have been excited about this day for months. Now its time for you to get excited- if you’ve paid for your share, you’ve got 23 straight weeks of incredible produce to enjoy. So get ready for some delicious, nutritious, organic, sustainably-produced, and did we mention DELICIOUS food. Its coming your way soon.

One final, but very important note: there are still CSA shares available. As we mentioned above, the fields are looking GREAT. So spread the word! If you haven’t bought a share yet, or know someone who hasn’t and lives in Brooklyn or Hudson, there’s still time!

Get your salad bowls and woks ready, folks. The vegetables are coming!

–       The Common Hands Farmers – 

–       Dan, Tess, Eric, and Peter –

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