Announcements for our Brooklyn Friends!

A few key announcements for our Brooklyn shareholders!

1) Pick Up Day

We have picked a pick-up day–for the duration of the season, pick up will be on TUESDAYS from 5:30-8:30 pm at Brooklyn Boulders.

2) Sign-Up Deadline

Our deadline for CSA sign-ups will be May 1–be sure to let us know if you want to be part of the Common Hands CSA before then!

3) Tabling at Brooklyn Boulders

We are hoping to table every Monday and Wednesday from 6-9pm until May 1 at Brooklyn Boulders. Come find us to complete your sign-up, get any questions answered, or just to introduce yourself!

Much love from

Nora & Sarah

One thought on “Announcements for our Brooklyn Friends!

  1. Just wanted to know if we order half share,
    if the pick up day happens when we are away
    can it be flexible that I pick up the following week or the week before?

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