Common Hands Farm, located in Philmont, NY, is an organic CSA and community market farm in its 7th year of production.  In 2015, we packed up our farm on its former location outside of Hudson and began establishing ourselves on a new piece of land on Stevers Crossing Rd in Philmont NY. On this land, an old dairy farm, we are excited to lay down our new foundations and revitalize and bring new life to 150 acres of prime soil, pasture, ponds and woods.

In 2017, we will cultivate about 5-8 acres of organic vegetables, providing a wide array of unique and high quality vegetables for CSA members, locally and in Brooklyn and Queens. We also supply to local farmer’s markets as well as to local restaurants who place value on buying local, organic and fresh. We donate food to the Victory Bus Project, an organization dedicated to providing free vegetables and low-cost transportation for family members with incarcerated loved ones.

We grow a full array of annual crops, 150+ varieties of veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers. In addition, we are working to begin developing nursery stock, and integrating perennial fruits, nuts, berries, and tubers into our farm landscape. This year we will also integrate goats, sheep, bees and chickens into the farm landscape, for production of eggs, meat, and most of all their contribution to the fertility cycle.

Through our work we pay attention to the farm as a whole, the ecology of our surroundings.

The root of ecology means the study of the home, and we work with that in mind– to tend to nature, and all contributing life on the farm, with that level of sacredness and care. We are stewards of our own health as well as the health of the land and our communities. We hire a team of apprentices who help to carry the daily tasks of the farm and each year form a unique family organism. We also work with volunteers throughout the height of the summer season, June-July and August.

Farming requires a wide variety of skill and depth of knowledge and it empowers every individual who takes up the work in a serious way.

Through farm work we find a deeper connection to our bodies, and our health. It is very easy to see when you are working a long day out in the field which foods actually provide energy, and which foods simply don’t. Our work also enables us to observe the amazing diversity within the plant and animal kingdom, and the amazing creativity that comes from working and cooking with the abundance around us.

We believe that food is medicine, and one’s primary form of healthcare. We believe that fresh, nutrient-rich food should be available to all, as well as the ability to create and share beautiful meals, and to create nourishing spaces together.

Visit the rest of our website for more information on how to buy a share! You can learn more about us as a member of the farm, and above all, experience for yourself our beautiful produce that has our customers raving.  If you are interested to take that extra step and join our farm family please check out our work opportunities.  Thank you!